About us

Webbverkstaden builds and develops websites as well as and undertakes consultancy work on IT and web services that attracts our interest. We are part of Föreningen Tidsverkstaden*, and we want our business to contribute to the same goal: to contribute to a sustainable society and sustainable quality of life.

For us this means that we prefer to work with businesses and companies which we think contributes to and / or domiciled within the framework of the sustainable development of society and quality of life. We want to contribute to these activities and businesses by offering website development at affordable rates and with the objective of every website we build will stimulate and develop the business of creativity and web presence.

Webbverkstaden began operations in 2008 and is run by Olov Agné who has a broad background in engineering, communication and community involvement. We conduct most of our projects and assignments in collaboration with partners from our network of designers, developers, programmers, writers and communicators. This means that we have the resources and skills for web projects of both the varying size and complexity.

* Föreningen Tidsverkstaden is a cooperative business organisation that since more than 10 years “participates in and engineer activities and projects that can contribute to improved conditions in workplaces in the public and nonprofit sectors … stimulate reflection and action towards sustainable quality of life … engage in activities that could lead to a more humane and sustainable society .